TERMINAL | Paul Weinberg

Muizenberg – A Place Called Home

In my adult life, I have lived in Johannesburg and Durban for long periods. I am a nuweling to Cape Town and a nuweling to Muizenberg. In many ways Muizenberg reminds me of Yeoville in Johannesburg where I lived from the late the 1970’s until the early 1990’s. It was a home for bohemians, alternates and a refuge for those who defied the apartheid group areas act and built a community. Muizenberg not unlike Yeoville collides and synergises with its past making new waves and layers as it evolves. Like Yeoville it is also the home to many alternates, bohemians, and artists. It has a wonderful community spirit. Socio economically it abuts the Cape Flats and rubs shoulders with the more affluent southern suburbs, sensitising the place to the broader issues in Cape Town and South Africa. Its beauty and environment surrounds perpetually asks questions of those who live there.

Muizenberg is more than a surfer’s spot or a place to walk the dogs. It is home and a home with a sense of community and evolving identity. In understanding my new home I have been walking my camera and my dog for the past few years. These images are a selection of those walkings.