TERMINAL | Brent Meistre

Roads to the Horizon,  is a selection of images from my Sojourn project.  

It is a very rudimentary and practice of the novice photographer to photograph the road leading towards the horizon, a one-point perspective that creates a simplified and graphic pictorial structure. I have played with these pictorial elements as one of the major aspect of the Sojourn project. As in most of my work I unravel ideas of the journey, migration and movement but also the antithesis of these, such as false starts, dead ends, blocked paths, closed gates, roads that appear to be roads but are other forms on the landscape.

The notion of the path, road or runway always carries with it the possibilities of a Utopian dream or the promise of hope, that over the horizon lie possibilities. In subtle ways these images subvert those notions and play with the idea of the journey and migration filled with impossible beginnings and endings, with the desire to depart but always having to return, to be stuck in cyclical flight with the impossibility of touching grounded.

All the landscapes are of rural areas in Southern Africa. It is interesting when working in these rural areas to see the number of taxi mini buses from Cape Town that do routes to these areas .There is a dynamic and complex link between the ‘interior’ and the terminal of Cape Town where people seek employment/opportunity and possibilities.

Historically it has always been points of departures into the interior and those traces, marks and inscriptions still reside in the landscape.