Personal and Public explored by GIPCA Fellows

The personal is made public through the interdisciplinary creative investigations of GIPCA Fellows, presented in performance as part of Infecting the City’s programme, from 6-10 March in and around the Cape Town CBD.

Celia’s Story is the cinematic debut of artist and 2011 Donald Gordon Creative Arts Fellow, Ruth Levin-Vorster, and tells the story of Celia’s long journey through chronic illness. Exploring the collaborative possibilities between Western and Eastern medicine in creating health, Levin-Vorster probes the lack of communication between these two sciences under the first law of medicine, “Do No Harm”, pitching the critical personal responsibility to sustain health of mind, body and spirit against the fallibility of medical experts. Combining expressive gesture with the language of film, Celia’s Story is a visually arresting art film accompanied by an evocative sound score that creates a haunting and hopeful work of visual poetry. Presented by the Gordon Institute for Performing and Creative Arts, Celia’s story runs for 7 minutes, and opens on Tuesday 6 March at 8pm at the Mandela Rhodes Gallery and shows thereafter, Wednesday 7 March to Saturday 10 March, between 9am and 5pm.

As part of his yearlong GIPCA Fellowship, director Sanjin Muftić undertook the exploration of sampling live performance. This culmination of his research is a multi-disciplinary performance which engages the idea that there is a shared pool of themes and motifs in our social and performed history, and specifically relays the story of a defined space in the city, highlighting our common struggles in building a home. Through the interaction of diverse elements in live performance, Bricolage develops a narrative constructed from found and previously performed material. Performance samples are staged alongside, on top of and in conversation with one another. Monologues, movements, music, spoken text, dance sequences and visuals are re-used, re-cycled, and re-visited by the original performers and sections of previous productions are restructured as a performance collage, to create a fresh story and a new live presentation. Presented by The Gordon Institute for Performing and Creative Arts, Bricolage runs for 20 minutes, and will be performed at the Slave Church, 40 Long Street, on Wednesday 7 March at 5pm, Thursday 8 March at 3.30pm and Friday 9March at 5pm.