Past Fellowships

The 2009 – 2012 Donald Gordon Creative Arts Fellowships provided the crucial time, intellectual and creative support required by practicing artists, and were intended to nurture a new generation of artist/performers and arts scholars. Applications were accepted from individuals who graduated with Masters degrees or an equivalent in any discipline in the performing and creative arts. Fellows worked full-time in a relevant UCT department as well as with the Institute’s various projects. Most especially, they were involved in the creative research life of university staff and students, with each year-long Fellowship culminating in a creative project of the Fellow’s design.

2012 Donald Gordon Creative Arts Fellows:

2011 Donald Gordon Creative Arts Fellows:

  • Justin Krawitz
  • Lance Herman
  • Ruth Levin-Voster
  • Sanjin Muftic
  • Lance Herman

2010 Donald Gordon Creative Arts Fellows:

  • Andrew Putter
  • Nicola Visser
  • Peter van Heerden & Bettina Malcomess
  • Roy Robins

2009 Donald Gordon Creative Arts Fellows:

  • Awelani Moyo
  • Jonah Sack
  • Peter Merrington
  • Robert Jeffery