The Institute for Creative Arts (ICA), formerly the Gordon Institute for Performing and Creative Arts (GIPCA) was launched on 5 April 2016.

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Seminar – Knowledge Futures

The Institute for Creative Arts, the Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research, and the University of California Humanities Research Institute present a public seminar entitled, Knowledge Futures and the Twenty First Century University. The Seminar will focus on the contemporary challenges to the university from two interrelated sets of forces: from technological innovations, political contestations, epistemological challenges and new knowledge assemblages; and from the increasing incapacity of traditional knowledge institutions to respond effectively to new learning environments and publics. Read more

18 Aug ’16

Medical Humanities – Lester Davids, Shose Kessi & Berni Searle

Molecular cell biologist Lester Davids, psychology lecturer Shose Kessi, and artist Berni Searle come together to discuss ‘Skin Lightening and the Politics of Beauty’. Human skin, the largest organ of the body, remains both biologically and socially intriguing. Being the “face” of first impressions, it remains the canvas of opinions. The question, therefore, of why people want to change skin colour is not only biologically based, but typically associated with questions of self-image, stigmatisation and yearning for lightness which, in many societies, translates into social acceptance. Read more

28 Apr ’16

Symposium – intersect: class, race, gender

‘intersect’ is a two-day symposium comprising talks, performances, a film screening, and discussion panels. The event will bring academia and the creative arts together to interrogate the intersecting themes of race, gender, class and sexual identity. Speakers, performers and artists will offer a range of perspectives and formulations for approaching this topic. Read more

12 Feb ’16
The Portrait Racket - webcrop2

Great Texts – Ruth Sack & Lisa Espi

GIPCA will present ‘Picture Perfect: A social history of hand-coloured photographic portraiture in 20th century South Africa’ with curators Ruth Sack and Lisa Espi on Thursday, 1 October. This Great Texts / Big Questions presentation opens The Portrait Racket exhibition, which closes on Sunday, 4 October. The practice of airbrushed photographic portraiture was brought to South Africa from Chicago in the nineteen-thirties Read more

1 Oct ’15