Live Art Festival – The Place We Ran From

The Place We Ran From is an exploration of our perceptions towards the sexed physical body inhabiting an exterior image and its relationship to the individual interior gender identity. Two performers of opposite sex begin by wearing the clothes of the other. Through an exchange of each other’s clothing, they challenge their own perceptions of gendered identity.

Built upon Judith Butler’s concepts of gender performativity, the performers probe the dynamics at play between the gender normative and gender non-conformity. Through light and dark, seen and unseen, familiar and foreign, these ideas are confronted and examined through the visual identity of the performers and perceptions of the audience.

Created by Matthew Trustham and Kieran McGregor.

Duration: 15 min







Matthew Trustham recently returned from Johannesburg, after directing the St. John’s School production of Skellig. Prior to that his production credits include directing Mind the Gap, and Red (both projects related to his BA in Theatre Making (University of Cape Town, 2013); performing in an adaptation of Brothers in Blood which has toured to the Czech Republic (SETKANI/encounters 2013) and Zimbabwe (HIFA 2014); and stage managing for the Infecting the City Public Arts Festival (2014), Sacred Elephant directed by Geoffrey Hyland (2012), and King Lear directed by Guy de Lancey (2012).



Kieran McGregor graduated from the University of Cape Town in 2013 as an actor. His skills and interests reach beyond his area of study, into a wide spectrum of creative disciplines. Performance credits in Red, directed by Matthew Trustham; and Colonial Bird and An Absolute Turkey, both directed by Chrisopher Weare. After gaining professional exposure in Amsterdam, he returns as a creator and performer in his debut professional piece, The Place We Ran From.