Live Art Festival – Quartier Sud

A series of performances exploring illegal immigration that moves between performance art, theatre and dance.

In keeping with the nature of the ebb and flow of those living in the periphery and their relationship to centre, the work itself changes every time it is performed, though it retains the same basic elements that identify the project: poetry, theatre, body art, body painting, art-actions and various media including flour, water and alcohol.

Quartier Sud is based on the artist’s personal experiences as well as his research on the body, ritual, dance and art-action.

Created and performed by Raphael Christian Etongo. Etongo’s participation in the Live Art Festival is supported by the Goethe-Institut Kamerun.

Duration: 25 min


For almost two decades now, Cameroonian artist Raphael Christian Etongo has devoted his career to performance art. He leads Perform’action, short intensive training workshops for research and experimentation on performance art. Etongo’s work has been featured in various international festivals, and he contributes to international conferences and curatorial discussions. Etongo participated in the first pan African performance art festival, Afiriperforma Biennale, in Harare in 2013, and more recently was invited as a participant in the conference on performance art at the Goethe Institute Yaoundé for the Rencontres d’Arts Visuels de Yaoundé (RAVY) Festival, 2014. He actively promotes arts and culture in Cameroon, also opening a cultural space in Yaoundé, for artistic creation, meetings, workshops, and exchanges.