Live Art Festival – Caught

Caught is a physical interplay between two black women who are caught in a half-room with a single bulb as their only source of light. In this startling work, Moyikwa uses a fresh new contemporary dance language to show female bodies falling and standing, thrown off balance and recovering, shedding the old silhouettes and vigorously reaching for and revealing new forms.

“This project, like my previous works, is a chapter in my choreographic autobiography as a young black female. Similar to Audre Lorde, ‘images of black women flaming like torches adorn and define the borders of my journey, stand like dykes between me and the chaos’. It is the false and cruel images of women that gave birth to my voice and my journey – a journey that aims to express new narratives of black females, and rehabilitates female bodies from the images prescribed by our colonised and patriarchal society. The origin of this work came with a conversation that I had with a friend who said ‘I am sick of being cast in plays as a maid or a drunk whore, surely I can be something else’.”

Choreographed by Nomcebisi Moyikwa; performed by Maipelo Gabang and Ntombizandile Nonyathi. First Physical Theatre Company is based at the Rhodes University Drama Department and supported by the National Lotteries Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF).

Duration: 30 min

Nomcebisi Moyikwa graduated from Rhodes University with BA (Hons) in Drama, majoring in Applied Theatre, Physical Theatre and Choreography. From 2005 she performed annually at the National Arts Festival in works by various First Physical Theatre Company choreographers, most notably in Gary Gordon’s Go and The Unspeakable Story. In 2013, Moyikwa joined The Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative as an intern. She choreographed a solo work A letter to, which was her response on her aunts’ death and the theatricalisation of sexual violence and rape cases in South Africa. Moyikwa is currently a performer-facilitator at First Physical Theatre Company.



Maipelo Gabang graduated from Rhodes University with her BA (Hons) in Drama majoring in Applied Theatre, Choreography and Physical Performance. During her time at Rhodes University, she performed for many young choreographers, and worked with Ubom! Eastern Cape Drama Company as part of the marketing and audience development teams (2013). Her introduction to the National Arts Festival (NAF) was as production manager for Gavin Krastin’s Sub- (2011). Since then, she has performed at the NAF in Sonja Smit’s Villain (2012) and served as production manager for Lucy Kruger and Jennifer Shneeberger’s  Mother Milk. Gabang currently trains and performs with the First Physical Theatre Company.



Ntombizandile Nonyati trained as a modern dancer at a project of Amaphiko dancers. She joined First Physical Theatre Company in 2011 as an apprentice, and performed at the National Arts Festival (NAF) other festivals in the Eastern Cape. In  2012 Nonyati was selected as a Jazzart Dance Theatre Company Trainee, and has completed her training.