GIPCA Fellow Ruth Levine-Vorster’s art film at Schnit

Ruth Levin-Vorster’s art film, Celia’s Story, made during her GIPCA Fellowship, will be screened during the Shnit Short Film Festival.

Celia’s Story tells the story of Celia’s long journey through chronic illness. Exploring the collaborative possibilities between Western and Eastern medicine in creating health, Levin-Vorster probes the lack of communication between these two sciences under the first law of medicine, “Do No Harm”, pitching the critical personal responsibility to sustain health of mind, body and spirit against the fallibility of medical experts. Combining expressive gesture with the language of film, Celia’s Story is a visually arresting art film accompanied by an evocative sound score that creates a haunting and hopeful work of visual poetry.

Screenings will take place:
FRIDAY 5 OCT: Cinemuse at 5 Ryneveld Stellenbosch 6pm
SATURDAY 6 OCT: Pulp Cinema Stellenbosch 5pm
SUNDAY 7 OCT: Rocking the Daisies Music Festival 10am
SUNDAY 7 OCT: Labia Theatre Cape Town 4pm [with Q&A – Ruth Levin-Vorster in attendance]

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