Fellowships – Interdisciplinarity, Live and Public Art

GIPCA is pleased to announce several Fellowships available for 2016.

Fellowships are open to artists and academics interested in extending their research while engaging with the postgraduate creative arts community at GIPCA. Fellowships provide candidates with access to the University’s facilities, the opportunity to engage extensively with UCT’s research community, and interaction with GIPCA’s postgraduate cohort.

Research conducted over the course of the fellowships should resonate with GIPCA’s key themes of Interdisciplinarity, Live Art and Public Spheres. The output of the fellowships will entail sharing this research via seminars, open rehearsals, public performances or installations.

Monetary provision will be made for subsistence, travel and – where necessary – materials. Information about each fellowship is provided below.

[Photo credit: Okuya Phantsi Kwempumlo by 2012 GIPCA Fellow  Mamela Nyamza; photo by Lorna Daniel]

  1. Curatorial fellowships

The curatorial fellowship entails research, dialogue with artists, an exploration of possible installation spaces and the acquisition of works leading towards the curation of a live art event. Curatorial fellows may research the curation of Live Art with a specific focus on South African performance art, and Live Art in relation to Public Spheres. Fellows can be based anywhere, with regular contact via email and Skype, but are expected to reside in Cape Town for some agreed period between October and November 2016.

The fellowship deliverables are:

  • A curatorial strategy for possible inclusion in the 2016 Live Art Festival
  • 2 public seminars/exhibitions
  • The presentation of a paper at the Live Art Symposium leading to possible inclusion in a GIPCA publication

Value of Curatorial Fellowships: R45 000

  1. Live Art fellowships

This is a research intensive fellowship, intended to lead towards the production of a new performance art work or installation for GIPCA’s 2016 Live Art Festival which will be held in November/December. Live Art fellows may be based anywhere – with regular contact via email / Skype – but are expected to reside in Cape Town for some agreed period between October and November 2016.

The fellowship deliverables are:

  • Research around a new artwork and public presentation of this research, the concept and context for the work in an informal seminar
  • Presentation of the work at the 2016 Live Art Festival
  • Participation in discussion at the Live Art Symposium

Value of Live Art Fellowships: R45 000

  1. National and international fellowships

The national and international fellowships may be short and intensive, or part of a larger project.

Fellows’ work should align with GIPCA’s key themes. This may include research on:

  • Intersectionality
  • Postcolonial imaginaries, the Postcolonial Body and the Body as text and a site of contestation
  • Decolonisation, Heritage and History
  • Curriculum and Transformation
  • Site-specificity and the Creative and Performing Arts
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration, Dance and Theatre Hybrids
  • Medical Humanities

The fellowship deliverables may include a combination of one or more of the following:

  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Participation in a GIPCA project
  • Paper for publication
  • New artwork

Value of National Fellowships: R15 000

Value of International Fellowships: R35 000

Application procedure

Interested applicants should submit a single PDF file containing the following:

  • Name, email address, contact number
  • The fellowship type for which you are applying
  • An abstract of no more than one page outlining the research you intend conducting, and the output of this research
  • Crriculum Vitae of applicant

Proposals should be submitted via email to sam.saevitzon@uct.ac.za with the subject line GIPCA FELLOWSHIP.

The deadline for submission of proposals is: 17:00 SA time on Monday 14 March 2016. No late applications will be accepted.

For more information, please contact the GIPCA office on +27 (0) 21 650 7156 (please note that this is GIPCA’s new phone number) or sam.saevitzon@uct.ac.za