The Institute for Creative Arts (ICA), formerly the Gordon Institute for Performing and Creative Arts (GIPCA) was launched on 5 April 2016. The ICA website is currently under construction. In the meantime, please consult the GIPCA website for updates on the Institute's events and projects.

Great Texts – Imraan Coovadia

As part of its Great Texts/Big Questions lecture series, the ICA presents award-winning novelist, Imraan Coovadia. Coovadia will present ‘Nelson Mandela and the Arts’ in which he asks: What do politicians learn from the arts? What do they see reflected in the novel? Why was Nelson Mandela interested in the novel and how did he show himself in his choice of stage roles? What is the nature of Mandela’s famous high-mindedness and grace and how do we understand his identification with Tolstoy’s character Kutuzov from War and Peace? Read more

23 Aug ’16

Great Texts – Nelson Maldonado-Torres

As part of its Great Texts/Big Questions lecture series, the ICA presents Rutgers University academic, Nelson Maldonado-Torres. Maldonado-Torres will present Ten Theses on Coloniality and Decoloniality in which he explores colonization and decolonization; coloniality and decoloniality – key terms in movements that challenge the predominant racial, sexist, homo and trans-phobic liberal and neoliberal politics of today. These ten theses aim to provide a basic conceptual infrastructure for addressing coloniality and decoloniality beyond historicist reductionisms. Read more

22 Aug ’16

Great Texts – MAMAZA

As part of its Great Texts/Big Questions lecture series, the ICA presents ‘Eifo Efi’ – a performance by Ioannis Mandafounis & Fabrice Mazliah of the choreographic collective, MAMAZA. In ‘Eifo Efi’, Mandafounis & Mazliah offer their understanding of two persons, as the “more than” of what two people can be. The performers fill the space with versions and echoes of themselves. While only two bodies appear, reflective elements and diverting strategies enhance the visual to stimulate the sensory, making the “just two” reveal the presence of others. Read more

20 Aug ’16

Seminar – Knowledge Futures

The Institute for Creative Arts, the Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research, and the University of California Humanities Research Institute present a public seminar entitled, Knowledge Futures and the Twenty First Century University. The Seminar will focus on the contemporary challenges to the university from two interrelated sets of forces: from technological innovations, political contestations, epistemological challenges and new knowledge assemblages; and from the increasing incapacity of traditional knowledge institutions to respond effectively to new learning environments and publics. Read more

18 Aug ’16